The Journey Difference

Why Use Journey Hospice?

Hospice CaregiverOur founder has owned and operated a hospice company for over 15 years and is a hospice RN. This gives her a great overall view of hospice from administrative and the patient side. This greatly impacts our policies and procedures as well as our expectations on quality of care. By being family owned and operated, that allows us to provide more to our patients, mainly of our care teams time, but also when it comes to Meds, Supplies, and DME. We do not have corporate shareholders to keep happy. We have our clients to keep happy.

Also of importance, we pay by our staff by the the hour, instead of the norm of paying by the visit. This ensures that our patients who need an hour and a half visit will get just that. Also, when it comes to patient meds, we don’t work off of a formulary, so if one of our patients needs Zofran for their nausea that’s what we will order them. We also don’t have a bean counter in the office who is rationing out supplies and DME, if our patients need something they will get it. Care comes first; that’s our bottom line. No corporate bureaucracy, every employee has direct access to our founder.

There are other great reasons to use Journey Hospice over any other care:

  • We offer a minimum of two RN visits and 3 CNA visits per week, preferably staggered so that someone is seeing that patient every day. This is just a baseline and can certainly change based on the patient and family needs / wants. We run an honest RN to patient ratio of 10-12:1.
  • Daily contact – When our patients aren’t seen, they are contacted daily.
  • No IPU – We don’t have an IPU and don’t want an IPU. We do continuous care in the home, period. There is nothing they can do in an IPU that we cannot do in the home during continuous care.  We believe in keeping our patients in the comfort of their home at all costs.
  • Our Medical Director is a “house-call physician” with 13 years of hospice experience and can do house calls on our patients as needed.
  • We encourage our patients to continue seeing their primary care physicians and would be more than happy to help your office get reimbursed for CPO.
  • We offer pet therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, and aroma therapy.
  • We can offer CEU’s to those who need them. (ALF’s and SNF’s)
  • All disciplines assess our patient’s pain level on every visit.
  • Individualized Care Plans – Each patient has an individualized care plan based on the family wants and what the physician requests. We do not use algorithms to dictate what our patients get.
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