Myths and Misconceptions

Learning The  Truth  About Hospice


Myth: Choosing hospice means giving up hope.

Reality: Nothing could be further from the truth! Hospice is an opportunity to capture dignity in a challenging time for both the recipient and the family. Hospice works to provide comfort and promotes an opportunity to bond emotionally and spiritually.

Myth: Hospice is a place where the ill go to die.

Reality: Hospice is not a place but a concept of Care. This Care allows families to be together when they need it the most, sharing the remaining days in peace with both comfort and dignity.

Myth: Patients must reside in their home to receive hospice care.

Reality: Most hospice care is provided in the home, however, hospice care can also be given in a nursing home, assisted living facility, personal care home or hospital.

Myth: To qualify for the hospice benefit a patient must be bedridden.

Reality: Hospice care is appropriate at the time of the terminal prognosis regardless of the patient’s physical condition. Journey Hospice encourages patients to be as physically active as possible for as long as possible.

Myth: Hospice is only for people with cancer.

Reality: Although many patients admitted to hospice care have cancer the reality is that any terminal diagnosis will qualify someone for the hospice benefit. This includes, but is not restricted to, such life-limiting illnesses as Alzheimer’s, CHF, Parkinson’s, COPD, Dementia and AIDS.

Myth: Once a patient is involved with hospice he/she can no longer receive care from their family doctor.

Reality: A patient can continue to visit their primary physician whenever they desire. In fact we encourage the visits and welcome the comfort, knowledge and support a family physician provides. Here at Journey we promote the interaction with the primary doctor at all times.

Myth: A patient needs Medicare or Medicaid to afford hospice services.

Reality: Journey Hospice accepts patients based always on need and never on financial status.

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